Copenhagen Distortion 2013

Every year Copenhagen is hit by a party tsunami, also known as Copenhagen Distortion. Its a celebration of the various neighbourhoods of Copenhagen. I love events like this, bringing all of Copenhagen together to celebrate. It really brings out the character of the city.

Queen Lousise bridge fills with people
Probably the best view off the party
People enjoying the last hour of sun
Resident enjoying dinner while watching the party
This is what its all about - the music
The party carries on into the night
All you need is some beers and some friends!
People enjoying the sun and some pizza from the funky pizza van
Even though its called a street party, no need not to make yours
This has to be the most creative sound speakers I have seen so f
Time for relief - unisex style
The party ship
Put your hands up!
The night must always come to and end - thanks for a fantastic D


First day the event took place at Nørrebro – a very interesting neighbourhood – a mixture of different cultures. You will find main stream coffee shops next to shawama shops and halal butchers. I love this neighbourhood! Unfortunately it has always had a bit of a bad reputation due to various social problems.

Distortion took on a whole different mood the second day at Vesterbro. It all seemed much more laid back and relaxed somehow. More calm. Maybe there was just more space for the same amount of people? Or maybe people where just recovering from the hangovers from the night before?

The third day of the celebrations took place on Refshaleøen, an artificially created island north of Amager. This was Distortions, in my opinion, ambitious take on how to create a harbour party. Lots of great ideas, ranging from a floating skateboard ramp, to party boats equipped with DJ’s sailing people to and from the island. And why not throw some bungee jumping into the mix while we are at it?

All the days the weather was great. It had its ups and downs, but overall it was very pleasant. Particular the first night the weather was fantastic, and cast some gorgeous light on the whole event.

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