1st of October

Memories from Everest

Memories from Everest

Here are some photographs from the 3 weeks of trekking from Jiri to Mount Everest base camp and summiting Kalapathar (5545 m).

We faced heavy monsoon rains, fought leeches, endured landslides, earthquakes – the journey was very long, but it was more than worth the dramas and the hard physical work.

The mountains where shy of showing themselves due to the monsoon, but whenever they where revealed – it was an amazing sight.

Met some amazing people, made some great new friends, and got to stare the tallest mountain in the world right into her eyes.

Summiting Kalapathar gives you appetite for more – maybe a 6000+ meter peak next time? 🙂

  • Hey Michael! Outstanding man, that is mucho impressive and very inspiring. Might as well kick off your nomad life by standing on top of the world! (well almost).

    I like the pictures, so you shot digital on this ascent? The landscape is amazing and the faces are wonderful. I would perhaps like to see a bit more of the location in the portraits, to the see the people in their environment.

    Awesome, well done! Let’s keep in touch, I’m soon off to South America but will be in Asia and Australia next year, perhaps our paths will cross.

    • Hey Flemming,

      Yes I thknk on my next trek I’ll step a bit further away to get some environmental portraits as well. Its just at this trek I really felt like getting close to people, so the portraits reflect that 🙂

      Yes shot with the 5d mark II. I am not entirely unimpressed with that camera :p

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